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In short, the discussion forum is a multilingual online forum. The goal is to provide a platform for GCE’s members to carry out discussions, in your language, that is received by everyone in the group in their own language.

How it works:

  1. You are uniquely identified by your email address
    You can either :
    • register and apply to become a member
    • or an administrator will load you on to the system.
  2. You log in by requesting an access link – you are also given a unique ‘access code’ that you can remember for quick access next time – all you need to do is type in your email address.
  3. When you log in, you can :
    • Update your personal information and language settings
    • Administer your Group status by:
      • Applying to join groups you don’t belong to
      • Unsubscribe from groups you do belong to
    • View who is in each group your belong to
    • Start a discussion within a group
    • Reply to a discussion (and upload attachments)

Download the manual : Arabic | English | French | Spanish | Portuguese


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Discussion forum groups and activity

Right to Education 156 9
GCE Global Action Week 2014 Working Group 36 9
GPE Replenishment Forum 64 45
Regional Representatives 14 0
GCE Post-2015 Discussion Group 49 9
GAW 2015 Working Group 43 1
Privatisation 4 0
GAWE 2016 25 1

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